Robert Ransick

Founder / Producer / Host

Robert Ransick is an artist, designer and educator. His creative work has been exhibited in both national and international venues. After the economic collapse of 2008 and Occupy Wall Street, he enrolled as an MBA in Sustainability to research the systems that fueled the catastrophic events. His interest in social justice, public engagement, local economies, and the generative power of creativity to affect change made this a natural place for him to acquire new knowledge and skills. He is currently the Director of Art and Entrepreneurship programs at Bennington College’s Elizabeth Coleman Center for the Advancement of Public Action (CAPA) and a full-time faculty member teaching courses in digital arts, social and civic practices in the arts, and creative entrepreneurship.

His full bio can be found here.

Read Ransick’s latest piece on problem solving on Creativz.us

Anna Saldinger

Executive Producer / Engineer

Anna Saldinger is a senior at Bennington College studying radio production and journalism.

Previous Team Members

Rohan Edwards

Engineer / Producer

Rohan Edwards studied music and video production at Bennington College and graduated in 2018.

Rohan wrote and produced the CreateNow theme song.

Chloe Shelford

Producer / Engineer

Chloe Shelford studied literature, painting, and journalism at Bennington College and graduated in 2018.

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