EP 1 Donna Morton

Donna Morton, CEO, Change Finance

This past May, Robert spoke with Donna Morton at the first Regenerative Futures Summit in Boulder Colorado about her background in the performing arts and how this foundation informs all of her work.

After many years working as an activist in the environmental movement, Donna decided to shift her approach from one centered on resistance to one that is generative and focused on creating the conditions that give rise to a more equitable, fair, and just future.

Most recently, Donna has turned her attention to the world of finance as a place to confront the status quo and work towards creating an economy in service to life through financial activism. At Change Finance, her team is building accessible products that promote ethical investing. Their first product, an entirely fossil fuel free exchange-traded fund, has recently become available on the New York Stock exchange.

Donna and the Change Finance team will be ringing the stock exchange bell this Tuesday, November 7th, 2017 in New York.

Producer: Dylan O’Hara
Engineer: Anna Saldinger

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